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Clomid (Clomiphene)

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Generic Clomid is an effective medication which helps women to get pregnant and men with fertility problems in the result of low sperm counts. Generic Clomid acts by stimulating ovulation.

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Also known as:  Clomiphene.


Generic Clomid is a perfect remedy which helps women to produce a mature egg (stimulate ovulation). Its target is to treat men with fertility problems in the result of low sperm counts and help women to get pregnant. Generic Clomid acts by stimulating ovulation.

Generic name of Generic Clomid is Clomiphene.

Clomid is also known as Clomiphene citrate, Serophene, Phenate, Clomifert, Milophene.

Brand names of Generic Clomid are Clomid, Milophene, Serophen.


Do not crush or chew it.

Take Generic Clomid once a day at the same time in five-day period.


If you overdose Generic Clomid and you don't feel good you should visit your doctor or health care provider immediately. Symptoms of Generic Clomid overdosage: vomiting, unusual pain, blurred vision, flushing, nausea.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) away from moisture, light and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Clomid are:

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Side effect occurrence does not only depend on medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Generic Clomid if you are allergic to Generic Clomid components.

Generic Clomid cannot be taken if you're pregnant or you plan to have a baby, or you are a nursing mother.

Try to be careful if you smoke, drink or use drugs.

Try to be careful when you are driving or operating machinery.

Try to be careful using Generic Clomid if you take prasterone.

It can be dangerous to use Generic Clomid if you suffer from or have a history of undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, liver disease, ovarian enlargement or ovarian cysts as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometrial or endometriosis carcinoma, uterine fibroids, thyroid problem and other endocrine disorders, diabetes, mental depression, ovarian carcinoma, cyst on the ovary, blood vessel disease, blood clotting disorder.

If you want to achieve most effective results it is better to avoid alcohol.

Generic Clomid cannot be used by children.

clomid yellow pill

The effects of sex hormones on the in vitro chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) and monocytes were investigated using fMLP as the chemoattractant. PMNs, monocytes, and plasma were obtained from heparinized peripheral blood of healthy adults. Chemotaxis of PMNs or monocytes treated with sex hormones were tested using 48-well chemotaxis microchambers. The correlation between sex hormone levels in plasma and the chemotactic ability of PMNs from the same donor was also investigated. The chemotaxis of PMNs was enhanced by progesterone, while it was reduced by estradiol. Random migration of PMNs was also enhanced by progesterone and reduced by estradiol. The effect of estradiol on PMN chemotaxis was inhibited by addition of antiestrogens or progesterone. Testosterone did not have a measurable effect on PMN chemotaxis. A significant positive correlation was found between the concentration of progesterone in plasma of females and PMN chemotactic ability in vitro. For males, there was no significant relationship between plasma levels of sex hormones and PMN chemotactic ability. Estradiol and testosterone levels in plasma did not correlate with PMN chemotactic ability. Sex hormones had no effect on the chemotaxis of monocytes. These results suggest that the altered PMN chemotaxis associated with gingival inflammation may be due to the effects of sex hormones.

clomid generic

A randomized study.

clomid medication fertility

We are investigating the most practical parameters i.e. reliable and with a rapid response, which allow the time of insemination to be determined in women undergoing stimulation because of anovulation. We have already shown the advantage of rapid radio-immunological determinations of 17 beta-oestradiol (E2) to induce the releasing action of chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (hCG). We have carried out our investigations directed towards the rapid-immunological determination of luteotrophic hormone (LH), and have recorded a good temporal correlation between E2 and LH, the rise of E2 preceding by some hours that of LH, and the two summits succeeding each other. Inseminations are followed by fertilization in women who present with the following: a mean oestradiolaemia of about 500 pg/ml in the second part of the follicular phase, maintained after interruption of HMG administration (alone or after clomiphene citrate), which decreases only slowly after administration of hCG; a level of LH increasing from 9-14 ng/ml (mean) in the last two days preceding the summit of LH; the level of LH multiplied at least by 2 after the administration of hCG, whatever the mode of stimulation. Clomiphene citrate, not provoking a constant ovulatory discharge, does not dispense with the administration of hCG in the majority of cases. These considerations result from the study of a group of 22 anovulatory women, in whom stimulation followed by determination of E2 and LH, under echographic control, have allowed 12 pregnancies to be obtained (7 by clomiphene citrate + HMG + hCG; 5 by HMG + hCG), decreasing the mean number of inseminated cycles to 3 per woman thus studied.

clomid reviews uk

The short-course pretreatment with metformin decreased hyperandrogenism and insulin resistance and improved cervical sores, ovulation rate, and pregnancy rate among women with CC-resistant PCOS.

clomid 0 mg

Infertility affects 6.1 million U.S. couples-representing 10% of reproductive-age adults and 15% of all couples trying to conceive. Half of the time, infertility is the result of an abnormal semen analysis or other male factors, with 40%-50% of these infertile men diagnosed with idiopathic or nonclassifiable infertility. While the role of hormone therapy for men with an identified abnormality is well defined, the literature remains inconclusive and controversial regarding hormone manipulation using empirical (off-label) medical therapies for men with idiopathic infertility. This manuscript reviews the commonly used off-label medications used to treat idiopathic male factor infertility: clomiphene citrate, letrozole/anastrozole, exogenous androgens, and pentoxifylline.

clomid fertility medication

Four hundred two women underwent ovarian reserve screening. Twenty had intrauterine diethylstilbestrol exposure, and 382 women did not have exposure. The groups were compared regarding age, the incidence of diminished ovarian reserve, and cycle length. Nine women with and 204 women without diethylstilbestrol exposure underwent comparison of the total human menopausal gonadotropin dose, the day of human chorionic gonadotropin administration, the peak estradiol level, and the number of mature follicles.

clomid pills pct

Relation of patient characteristics, ovarian stimulation, and sperm characteristics after washing to the occurrence of multiple pregnancy.

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To study the effect of the ultra-short protocol of gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) combined with human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) regimen for ovarian hyperstimulation.

clomid fertility drugs

A cross-section of women attending for fertility advice and treatment.

clomid reviews twins

Tamoxifen and clomiphene citrate seem to be similarly effective in achieving pregnancy in patients with luteal phase dysfunction. However, Tamoxifen therapy is associated with a lower incidence of spontaneous abortion; thus Tamoxifen may be the better choice for the therapy of infertile women with luteal phase dysfunction.

clomid alcohol

Results of ultrasonical folliculometry during treatment by 5 different stimulation protocols were evaluated in 122 cycles of IVF-patients. Additionally, the structure of follicular population was investigated by measurement of follicular volume which was the basis of a follicular hierarchy. - Number of developing, sonographically detectable and punctured follicles increased significantly from stimulation by Clomiphene to stimulation by Folistiman. Only in stimulation by Clomiphene number of sonographical visible follicles was in accordance with laparoscopically punctured follicles. Development of relationship of the follicular classes during treatment supports hypothesis that exogenous gonadotropins do not increase follicular recruitment in the follicular phase but prevent atresia of follicles recruited earlier. Long lasting action of FSH as in stimulation by gonadotropins stimulates a greater number of follicles more intensively as demonstrated by an increased follicular volume in follicles with high rank numbers in gonadotropin treated patients compared with treatment by Clomiphene and Clomiphene/Anthrogon. Very high FSH-levels probably cause a heterogenous population of follicles with an increased number of small follicles at time of follicular puncture.

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To investigate I. suffruticosum leaf extracts for male fertility parameters.

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In the present prospective randomized trial, 140 women with clomiphene-citrate-resistant PCOS were randomly allocated to receive 5mg letrozole from day 3 to day 7 of menses for 6 consecutive cycles, or to undergo LOD. When a leading follicle of at least 18 mm was present, ovulation was triggered with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The 6-month rates of ovulation, pregnancy, abortion, and live births were evaluated.

clomid 250 mg

Pregnancy rate (PR), pregnancy outcome.

clomid dose pct

Estrogen regulation of the intranuclear distribution of estrogen-binding proteins has been examined in the chicken liver. Administration of estrogen [diethylstilbestrol (DES)] resulted in a rapid, dose-dependent increase in two types of estrogen-binding sites associated with the nuclear matrix. Type I appeared to be the estrogen receptor (ER; Kd for estradiol = 2.0 nM), whereas type II was equivalent to binding sites previously defined in rat uterine nuclei (Kd = 15 nM). The association of nuclear ER and type II sites with the nuclear matrix followed a time course corresponding to the maximal accumulation of nuclear ER in the liver. A 2-fold enrichment (per U protein) of nuclear ER in the matrix was obtained at a dose of 20 micrograms DES/0.2 kg compared to control values. Further enrichment was observed with higher doses of DES (200 and 2000 micrograms). The antiestrogens tamoxifen (tamoxifen-citrate) and zuclomiphine 2-[p-(chloro-1,2-diphenyl-vinyl)phenoxyl]citrate) were potent inhibitors (greater than or equal to 50%) of the estrogen-stimulated association of both ER and type II sites with the matrix. However, they did not increase total nuclear or matrix ER concentrations when administered alone. These data demonstrate that the association of ER with liver nuclear matrix is estrogen dependent and suggest that the biological effects of estrogen at the nuclear level may be mediated by this association.

clomid online canada

The overall pregnancy rate per cycle was 18.1% (31/171), 15.2% (Group A), 20.3% (Group B) and 22.7% (Group C), (p > 0.50).

clomid ovulation medication

The Cochrane Subfertility Review Group specialised register of controlled trials was searched.

clomid dosage instructions

Forty two women with polycystic ovarian disease and primary recurrent spontaneous abortions.

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A 28-year-old woman with primary infertility and severe menorrhagia underwent a hysterectomy after failed hormonal therapy for multiple leiomyomas. The postoperative pathologic findings established the diagnosis of diffuse uterine leiomyomatosis, which demonstrated histologic, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural similarity to leiomyomas of the uterus. The rapid growth of the tumor coincided with the administration of clomiphene citrate, an estrogenic agonist. As with the common leiomyoma, intralesional hemorrhage in this case of diffuse leiomyomatosis was associated with norethindrone acetate treatment given after the cessation of clomiphene therapy.

clomid 500 mg

In this randomized clinical trial 90 women with unexplained infertility referred to a university clinic from January 2011- December 2013 were enrolled. Thirty patients were randomized for letrozole, 30 patients for CC and 3o patients for control group. On the day 3 of cycle the patients were given letrozole 2.5mg/day or CC 100 mg /day orally or did not receive any treatment. Resistance index (RI) and pulsatility index (PI) of uterine artery were calculated and chemical pregnancy rate was evaluated.

clomid medication infertility

Twenty-eight infertile women aged 18 to 35 years. Thirteen patients were diagnosed with PCOS. Fifteen normal ovulatory patients who were matched for age and weight served as controls.

clomiphene clomid tablets

None of the authors declared a conflict of interest. There was no study funding.

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clomid reviews pcos 2017-04-10

The influence of triphenylethylene antiestrogens on FSH-stimulated production of estrogen, progesterone, and 20 alpha-hydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one (20 alpha-OH-P) was examined in cultured rat granulosa cells. The cells were cultured with increasing concentrations of FSH, with or without diethylstilbestrol (DES) or various antiestrogens. After 3 days, medium progesterone and 20 alpha-OH-P contents were determined. Cells were reincubated for an additional 8 h with delta 4-androstene-3,17-dione, and estrogen formation was measured. Steroid production was negligible by cultures treated with DES or antiestrogens alone. FSH treatment increased estrogen and progestin production, while the addition of DES (10(-7) M) further enhanced FSH-stimulated steroidogenesis. Likewise, treatment with 10(-6) M of the antiestrogens tamoxifen (Tam), nafoxidine (Naf), or clomiphene citrate (CC) also enhanced FSH-stimulated aromatase activity. In contrast, the antiestrogens each inhibited FSH stimulation of progesterone and 20 alpha-OH-P production (greater than 73% inhibition at 300 ng/ml FSH). Increasing concentrations (3 X 10(-8)-10(-6) M) of the antiestrogens augmented the stimulatory effect of FSH (10 ng/ml) on estrogen production in a dose-related manner (CC greater than Tam greater than Naf). Similar doses of these antiestrogens inhibited the stimulatory effect of FSH (300 ng/ml) on progesterone and 20 alpha-OH-P production (Tam greater than CC greater than Naf). The observed inhibition of progestin production is associated with decreases in FSH-stimulated pregnenolone biosynthesis in antiestrogen-treated cells incubated with 10(-6) M cyanoketone. Furthermore, the antiestrogens inhibited the binding of [3H]estradiol to ovarian estrogen receptors with binding affinity buy clomid constants of 364, 437, and 2144 nM for CC, Tam, and Naf, respectively. Thus, antiestrogens exert disparate actions on granulosa cell estrogen and progestin biosyntheses. Like estrogens, CC, Tam, and Naf enhance FSH-stimulated aromatase activity with potencies comparable with their abilities to interact with ovarian estrogen receptors. However, unlike estrogens, the antiestrogens inhibit FSH-stimulated progestin biosynthesis, partially via suppression of pregnenolone biosynthesis. The present granulosa cell culture system provides a valuable model for elucidating the disparate actions of estrogens and antiestrogens on ovarian steroidogenesis.

clomid reviews 2015 2015-09-18

To determine the regulatory role of hCG on P secretion in normal and abnormal (abortive and buy clomid ectopic) first trimester pregnancies.

clomid pills online 2016-07-06

Clomiphene citrate should be the first-line treatment for ovulation buy clomid induction in anovulatory patients with PCOS.

clomid maximum dose 2015-10-28

Response to CC in anovulatory PCOS women buy clomid differs with body fat distribution.

clomid cost australia 2017-11-23

Troglitazone (400 mg/d) was administered for buy clomid 12 weeks.

clomid cost uk 2015-02-01

University teaching buy clomid hospital.

clomid infertility drug 2015-12-30

To evaluate the effect of luteal buy clomid phase P support after ovulation induction IUI.

clomid treatment reviews 2015-11-29

Clomiphene citrate (at doses between 50 to 250 milligrams per day) appears to be an effective method of inducing ovulation and improving fertility in oligo-ovulatory women. However adverse effects include possible ovarian cancer risk buy clomid and risk of multiple pregnancy.

ovinum clomid review 2016-07-17

1. The sigma-drug binding site of guinea-pig liver is carried by a protein which shares significant amino acid sequence similarities with the yeast sterol C8-C7 isomerase (ERG2 protein). Pharmacologically-but not structurally-the sigma 1-site is also related to the emopamil binding protein, the mammalian sterol C8-C7 isomerase. We therefore investigated if sterol C8-C7 isomerase inhibitors are high affinity ligands for the (+)-[3H]-pentazocine labelled sigma 1-binding site. 2. Among the compounds which bound with high affinity to native hepatic and cerebral as well as to yeast expressed sigma 1-binding sites were the agricultural fungicide fenpropimorph (Ki 0.005 nM), the antihypocholesterinaemic drugs triparanol (Ki 7.0 nM), AY-9944 (Ki, 0.46 nM) and MDL28,815 (Ki 0.16 nM), the enantiomers of the ovulation inducer clomiphene (Ki 5.5 and 12 nM, respectively) and the antioestrogene tamoxifen (Ki 26 nM). 3. Except for tamoxifen these affinities are essentially identical with those for the [3H]-ifenprodil labelled sterol C8-C7 isomerase of S. cerevisiae. This demonstrates that sigma 1-binding protein and yeast isomerase are not only structurally but also pharmacologically related. Because of buy clomid its affiliations with yeast and mammalian sterol isomerases we propose that the sigma 1-binding site is localized on a sterol isomerase related protein, involved in postsqualene sterol biosynthesis.

clomid ovulation medication 2017-07-17

For the last 40 yr, the first line of treatment for anovulation in infertile women has been clomiphene citrate (CC). CC is a safe, effective oral agent but is known to have relatively common antiestrogenic endometrial and cervical mucous side effects that could prevent pregnancy in the face of successful ovulation. In addition, there is a significant risk of multiple pregnancy with CC, compared with natural cycles. Because of these problems, we proposed the concept of aromatase inhibition as a new method of ovulation induction that could avoid many of the adverse effects of CC. The objective of this review was to describe the different physiological mechanisms of action buy clomid for CC and aromatase inhibitors (AIs) and compare studies of efficacy for both agents for ovulation induction.

clomid drug interactions 2017-10-26

Relate follicle- buy clomid stimulating hormone (FSH) levels before and after CC to frequency of cancellation of an IVF cycle because of a poor follicular response.

clomid ovulation pills 2017-03-04

In couples with unexplained infertility, the PR may be improved by combining IUI and buy clomid FT-ET with ovulation induction. Performing IUI before thawing may prevent treatment cancellation in cycles with no surviving embryos.

clomid generic brand 2015-11-21

A randomized prospective trial involving 31 subjects with PCOS and Nexium Drug Interactions infertility.

clomid generic price 2017-10-05

Late-onset 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21-OHD) is a congenital enzymatic defect in the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid steroidogenic pathways. The manifestations, including hirsutism and infertility, usually occur at puberty or young adulthood. In infertile, anovulatory women with late-onset 21-OHD, the usual therapy is glucocorticoids for ovulation induction. In this case, we report the sole use of clomiphene citrate to induce ovulation in a patient with late-onset 21-OHD. A hirsute and oligomenorrheic woman was diagnosed as having polycystic ovary syndrome at age 25. Her hirsutism responded to oral contraceptives. At age 31, she was given clomiphene citrate alone for ovulation induction and conceived in her fourth cycle. At age 36, because of increased hirsutism she was diagnosed with late-onset 21-OHD by an ACTH stimulation test. The induction of ovulation in late-onset 21-OHD patients has been with glucocorticoids. Given the success in inducing Cleocin Dosage Information ovulation with clomiphene citrate alone in this patient with well-documented late-onset 21-OHD, it may be worthwhile to study the sole use of clomiphene citrate for ovulation induction in these patients.

clomid alcohol 2017-04-07

Inhibition by antiestradiol serum of ovarian weight gain and follicular growth in hypophysectomized immature rats given FSH and hCG suggested that gonadotrophin induced endogenous estrogen secretion plays a role in the ovarian augmentation reaction. We have studied the effects of a Tofranil Pm Generic chemical estrogen antagonist, cis-clomiphene, on ovarian weight response to gonadotrophins in hypophysectomized immature female rats. We found that this antiestrogen inhibits the ovarian response to FSH and hCG. To our knowledge, this is the first demonstration of a direct effect of a chemical antiestrogen on the ovary, a result consistent with a role for intraovarian estrogen in follicular growth.

clomid online canada 2015-05-23

There are the benefits of ongoing fertility Himalaya Vasaka Online and regular menstrual cycles in more than half of the women who underwent LOD.

clomid fertility drug 2015-07-06

In this prospective trial, couples prepared for IUI cycles were randomly allocated Cymbalta Migraines Reviews either to receive CC and rFSH (group A, n = 132) or CC and hMG (group B, n = 144) for ovarian stimulation. Outcomes including rates of clinical pregnancy, miscarriage, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, multiple pregnancy, cancellation and live birth were compared.

arr clomid dosage 2015-05-07

Women frequently present to their general Tofranil 75 Mg practitioner (GP) stating they have been trying for some time to get pregnant and failed. All GPs must be able to deal with the range of initial presentations in terms of history taking, examination and routine investigation. Treatment may be initiated in primary care, although at present most GPs are likely to refer to secondary care. In the future more GPs will undertake treatment themselves or refer to a GP with a special interest at Primary Care Trust (PCT) level. Both clomiphene and metformin either separately or together can be used in appropriate cases in primary care and are likely to lead to a high success rate and the prevention of unnecessary referrals to secondary care. GPs need to provide ongoing care throughout investigation and treatment for infertility and deal with subsequent outcomes both positive and negative. GPs as well as women themselves must be involved in the development of local guidelines from the outset together with secondary care specialists and those working on behalf of the PCT. It has yet to be shown that any guideline reduces NHS costs or improves patient outcomes.

clomid infertility drugs 2016-07-08

Retrospective file review and follow-up of 74 consecutive women with PCOS resistant to citrate clomiphene (CC) who underwent ovarian drilling by Luvox Drug Reviews fertiloscopy with bipolar energy, together with hysteroscopic surgery when indicated (Canadian TASK FORCE II-2).

clomid yellow pill 2015-05-26

Trial quality was assessed and Seroquel 30 Mg data were extracted independently by two reviewers.

clomid ovulation medicine 2017-02-05

Twenty anovulatory Artane 10 Mg patients and 10 normally ovulating patients, all of whom were participating in a treatment cycle of donor insemination.

clomid male dosage 2016-05-15

The rationale of the clomiphene citrate challenge test (CCCT) is that day 10 serum FSH is influenced by the quality of the recruited oocytes. Biological evidence supporting this assumption is, however, lacking. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between results from Paxil Dosage Forms the CCCT and the quantity and the quality of the recruited oocytes.

clomid reviews 2017-12-13

The Cochrane Subfertility Review Group specialised register of controlled trials was searched".

clomid dose pct 2015-01-19

In the 1960s, compounds known as nonsteroidal antiestrogens were identified as potential contraceptives, but the drugs caused the induction of ovulation in subfertile women. Tamoxifen and clomiphene were marketed for this indication. However, tamoxifen was advanced for the treatment of breast cancer in the 1970s through a close cooperation between the laboratory and the clinical trials community. The extensive use of long-term adjuvant tamoxifen has resulted in saving the lives of 400,000 women with breast cancer. Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that produces antiestrogenic actions in the breast but estrogen-like actions in bone and lowers serum cholesterol. These properties not only allowed the application of tamoxifen as the first chemopreventive in high-risk pre- and postmenopausal women but also the development of raloxifene to prevent osteoporosis with the potential to prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The future development of SERMs holds the promise of preventing osteoporosis and coronary heart disease as well as breast and endometrial cancer.

clomid pills pct 2015-10-14

Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), and unconjugated oestriol (uE3) levels were examined in 1632 women who had ovulation induction and 327 who had in vitro fertilization. There was a highly statistically significant increase in hCG and reduction in uE3 among those with ovulation induction. The median levels were respectively 1.09 and 0.92 multiples of the normal gestation-specific median (MOM) based on a total of 34582 women. Ovulation induction appeared to have no material effect on the median AFP level but this masked a significant increase when treatment was with Clomiphene (1.05 MOM) and a significant decrease when Pergonal was used (0.93 MOM). There was a highly statistically significant reduction in uE3 among women having in vitro fertilization with a median level of 0.92 MOM. Those fertilized with a donor egg (21) had significantly higher AFP and uE3 levels than when their own egg was used. Our results were confounded by differences in gravidity, but formally allowing for this factor did not materially change the findings. None of the observed effects is great enough to warrant routine adjustment of marker levels to allow for them. Moreover, women with positive Down's syndrome screening results can be reassured that this is unlikely to be due to them having had assisted reproduction.

clomid mg 2015-11-02

To study the efficacy of the aromatase inhibitor letrozole as adjuvant to recombinant FSH (rFSH) in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH).

clomid reviews 2014 2015-01-03

PCOS patients (n=1750) presenting with oligo- or amenorrhea were diagnosed according to the Rotterdam 2003 consensus criteria. Arbitrarily, oligoovulatory PCOS was defined by a single random serum progesterone level of 10 nmol/liter or higher.

clomid 75 mg 2015-05-21

To present various types of anovulatory states associated with normal estrogen and various treatment options.

clomid online uk 2016-03-03

To study the effect and potential mechanism of Modified Cangfu Daotan Decoction (MCDD) on endometrial receptivity in infertility patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).